1. Multimodal Shipments
  2. Truck haulage
  3. Railway transportation
  4. Transportation by sea
  5. Air carriage

Multimodal shipments demand a coordinated operation of the whole team of experts and a comprehensive control. The RosTransLogistic Company deals with multimodal shipments and gained a reputation of a reliable company.

A qualitative and a prompt delivery of cargoes are not always possible with the use of only one type of transport. A combined use of a sea, railway, air and auto transport is called “multimodal shipments”. It is also available among the services rendered by the RosTransLogistic Company.

Expertly organized multimodal shipments all over the world are carried out thanks to the well coordinated work of a team of experts where every person knows his business. This allows making competitive shipments of various cargoes to any part of the world in the manner which is most effective and economically advantageous for our customers.

The availability of our Company’s permanent partners both in Russia and abroad as well as a long experience in the sphere of freight traffic allows arrangement of optimum transportation schemes in compliance with the highest international standards. Our multimodal shipments of cargoes of various dimensions are made under the rates which are most profitable for customers and with due regard to all their wishes as for routing and terms of delivery.

Among the feasible logistic routes are following:

  • Cargoes from the countries of Northern Europe are delivered via the network of ferry lines which go to the ports of Saint-Petersburg and Baltic ports whence they are further transported to their destinations by auto, railway or river transport;
  • Cargoes from Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria can be transported by auto transport to the ports of Duisburg, Regensburg and shipped by river barges to the ports of Constanza (Romania), Reni, Ismail, Ust-Dunaisk (Ukraine) where there is a possibility of their transshipment to other vessels and of a further delivery to one of Russian ports of the Azov-and-Black sea basin whence they shall be further transported by auto, railway or river transport;
  • Cargoes from North America are shipped by ferry lines going to the port of Saint-Petersburg;
  • Cargoes from South America can be shipped by vessels to the ports of Israel where they will be transshipped to vessels sailing to the southern ports of Russia – Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog, Yeisk and Novorossiysk whence they will be further shipped by an auto, railway or river transport;
  • Cargoes from South-East Asia are delivered by vessels to the ports of Istanbul with their further transshipment to sea-river going vessels for their delivery to the port of Rostov-on-Don with further transshipment to an auto and railway transport for the delivery to a final destination.

Also one of the possible ways is a delivery to Novorossiysk with a further transshipment to an auto and railway transport for the delivery to a final destination, or a delivery to the port of Mariupol with a transshipment to sea-river going vessels for a shipment to Rostov-on-Don with a further transshipment to an auto and railway transport for the delivery to a final destination. Under a customer’s wish it is possible to make a shipment by railway from Mariupol to a final destination.

At all stages of a cargo shipment in our person you have only one source of responsibility for a final result which is especially important when combining various types of transport when a slightest misinterfacing can lead to delays and loss of cargoes.

The RosTransLogistic Company carries out truck haulage of cargoes within the territory of Russia as well as between Russia and EEC countries, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and CIS by all types of a hauling stock.

When making truck haulage we guarantee high efficiency and quality of transportation services. Our Company takes responsibility for cargo safety through the whole traffic route thus dispensing customers of many problems and additional expenses.

Our services in the sphere of oversized cargoes truck haulage are as follows:

  • Hauling oversized and heavy-lift cargoes;
  • Registration of cargo documents;
  • Registration of special permits and projects for hauling oversized and heavy-lift cargoes;
  • Timely delivery of cargoes within an agreed time;
  • Auto transport traffic monitoring;
  • Insurance;
  • Organizing cargo escorting with coverage vehicles and with traffic police cars;
  • Topographic engineering and routing.

We offer you the most optimum traffic routes with due regard to a cargo specific character and an applicable legislation of transient countries; we shall also ensure a timely truck haulage under an agreed price.

For the railway transportation of cargoes in the international transport the RosTransLogistic Company uses the following:

  • Special flat wagons for transportation of oversized and heavy-lift cargoes;
  • Covered wagons (any types);
  • Open rolling stock (open box cars and flanged flat wagons).

Our services in the railway transportation comprise the following:

  • Full-time tracing of cargo traffic;
  • Work out of diagrams of fastening and transportation of oversized and heavy-lift cargoes;
  • Work out of individual routes and transportation means for individual types of cargoes

Among its services the RosTransLogistic LLC offers organization of sea and river transportation of oversized, heavy-lift and project cargoes both in the international transport and within Russian interior water ways. This service is a part of a complex of “multimodal shipments” of similar cargoes. Under the present time conditions of international shipments of project cargoes it is practically impossible to picture an implementation of complex projects without the use of a sea and river-going transport. Detailed information about marine routes can be found in the “Multimodal Shipments” section.

When it is necessary to make a faster and a more urgent transportation of project cargoes we can work out and submit a version of a cargo delivery by air. But thereat it is important to understand and take into account high cost of such transportation.

Maximum dimensions of cargoes allowed for air carriage are as follows:

  • Length up to 43 m;
  • Width up to 6.4 m;
  • Height up to 4.5 m;
  • Weight up to 120 tons.